Digicel MORE Privacy Policy

  1. Unless otherwise stated relevant to specific data on any channel related to Digicel MORE, the rights to all service data collected during the operation of the service related to Digicel MORE becomes the property of the owner of the service as set out in these terms.
  2. Any personal information submissions by you to, or through the service will exclusively be stored and used by the owner and managers of the service to deliver the service to you in an efficient manner as set out in these terms.
  3. Any profile information submissions by you to, or through the service will be stored and used by the owner and managers to tailor the existing and future service and content delivered or to be delivered through the service to you more relevantly, effectively and efficiently as set out in these terms.
  4. When you opt-in, or join a Digicel MORE community service on any of the Digicel MORE channels, you grant Digicel MORE your explicit permission to share your personal profile information and other relevant service data with the client for whom the community service is presented on Digicel MORE. It is your responsibility to review such a Digicel MORE client's specific terms and conditions of service including any additional privacy policies, copyright policies and the like. You hereby agree to indemnify the owner and managers and to hold us harmless from any loss, or damage you may incur as a result of your membership, or opt-in status to a client’s community service on, or through the Digicel MORE service.
  5. Certain public information may be obtained, stored and used by the owner and managers of the service based on your interactions on channels related to the service through various devices, browsers, connections and carriers that forms part of enabling delivery of the service. Public information may also be augmented by additional 3rd party public information obtained by the owner and managers in an effort to further improve effective delivery of content and the general service to you.
  6. The owner and manager retains the right to at its sole discretion, manipulate and translate any and all service data into a statistical information format for the purposes of publishing reports that can be made public to clients and other 3rd parties on a commercial, or non-commercial basis without any liability to you, provided no personal information directly identifying you as a user of the service is included.
  7. When you choose to contribute content to, or through the service, you do so entirely at your own risk and you grant the owner and managers of the service an unlimited license to use, modify, store, publish, share, distribute such content for commercial or non-commercial purposes with no liabilities, or obligation to the owners and managers of the service to remunerate you in any shape or form.
  8. Service data may be transferred across the national borders of your country of residence and stored in multiple international locations to make the service possible in accordance with Digicel MORE's legal terms of service, copyright and privacy policy. Additionally contributions made by you, may be published, transmitted or shared in any part of the world where the service is available in accordance with the general service terms.
  9. Reasonable efforts will be made by the owner and managers of the service to protect all service data obtained, stored and used, however in the event that the security of any service data may have been compromised you undertake to indemnify and hold harmless the owner, managers and all members, officers, servants, agents and duly authorised representatives of the owner of the service against all liabilities (including damages whether direct, indirect or consequential, expenses, costs and legal fees on an attorney and own client scale) actions, proceedings, claims and demands on all alleged claims and demands howsoever arising.